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Milana Ellison


Milana Ellison is a Prolific Expert

CorporateInfoToday - Milana Ellison
Milana Ellison is a prolific expert, though ecstatic with her

accolades thus far, is looking for a new and exciting venture. While she was

previously employed in Indonesia, she is now returning to the nest in order to

ascertain on how best to put the skills she acquired in Indonesia, to seek employment

in the United States. She used Active Rain Blog to further her interests.


Milana Ellison, in 1989, received a business management degree from

Harvard University. She then went to work in Mumbai for Rahman Industries —as a

business process expert and management consultants. She worked with large organizations during her time at

Rahman, which helped her to learn about the industry and further her venture in the

BPM world. She acquired peculiar knowledge about BPM and management skills during her

time at Rahman that would soon aid her in her career development.


Milana Ellison enjoyed her time in Mumbai, which was the ideal

location to learn the skills she needed to be a mover and shaker in the BPM industry.

However, she longed for her home town of Los Angeles, California and now considers a

move back home. Since moving back she has been employed with a number of leading

companies and organizations, including Microsoft and Intel. She has worked with

Cisco, too, and was trusted with more bottom line authority after showing

perseverance and loyalty. She has since moved to Stonemere Industries and soon became

the manager of their automobile division.

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